District Attorney John T. Adams       

“I am extremely proud of what Justin Bodor has accomplished as a prosecutor and as a leader in the community. He is committed to fairness and justice, and he has worked hard to make Berks County a safer place for your family and his.  Justin is the right choice to be our next Judge in the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County.”

Proudly endorsed by local law enforcement.


Fraternal Order Of Police Berks Lodge #71


PA State Troopers Lodge #65

Bar Association Members Rate Candidates for Berks County Judge*

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Hamid Chaudhry, local business and community leader

“I have known Justin for years and I wholeheartedly support him for Judge. He is committed to serving Berks County, and through his work with Treatment Court, he has helped many people overcome adversity and improve their lives. He truly cares about others and treats everyone with dignity and respect. He is hardworking and is committed to his family and the community.”

Mark Rozzi, PA State Representative for the 126th District

“I am honored to support and endorse Justin Bodor in the race for Berks County Judge. He has always been a champion for what is just and right with the utmost integrity. Justin is level headed and would be an incredible addition to the Berks County bench. On May 16th, please join me in supporting Justin Bodor for Berks County Judge.”

“Justin is a person of great integrity. I met Justin when we started working for Brennan & Associates many years ago. He worked as an insurance defense and civil litigation attorney with me. As he transitioned to the District Attorney’s office, Justin always upheld the same integrity throughout his career and always did what was right by the law.  I fully support Justin for Berks County Judge.”

     – Sal Folino, Esquire

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Justin personally and professionally for many years.  His temperament, professionalism and experience has served the bar and public of Berks County well, and will also serve to enhance and advance the bench of Berks County.”

     – Kelsey Frankowski, Esquire

“I have known Justin for over a decade. During that time, Justin has always impressed me with his ability to empathize with and seek justice on behalf of victims while remaining laser-focused on his commitment to the rule of law and the rights of the accused. Justin’s ability to expertly balance these sometimes competing interests coupled with his professional experience and deep commitment to public service make him an excellent choice for our local judiciary. Please join me in supporting Bodor for Berks.”

     – Jesse C. Leisawitz, Esquire

Justin Bodor is an established leader who is dedicated to our community with a passion and commitment to the law.   He possesses the expertise, knowledge, integrity, and values that Berks County needs for a Court of Common Pleas Judge.  Justin Bodor is a leader with experience, principles, and dedication.  He brings these skills and values to his work, family, and community.  Berks County needs a hardworking, devoted, and knowledgeable Judge.  Justin Bodor possesses these attributes. Justin Bodor’s high performance leadership values and experience combined with his passion for law and devotion to our Berks County community will make him a tremendous asset to the bench in Berks County.   I highly endorse and recommend my friend and colleague, Justin Bodor for Berks County Court of Common Pleas Judge.  

     – Todd Allen Reiner Mays, Esquire

“For nearly 20 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Justin.  He is a fair-minded, hardworking, and dedicated public servant who knows the law.  Justin has the right demeanor, integrity, and experience to sit on the bench.  As a fellow attorney, I strongly support Justin Bodor for Berks County Judge.”

     – Ryan McAllister, Esquire

Without question, Justin possesses the high moral character and integrity required to serve as a Common Pleas Court Judge in Berks County.   I’ve known Justin for over twenty years, beginning when we were 20-something law students and continuing as co-workers, courtroom adversaries, community volunteers and friends.  In every phase of life, Justin has earned the respect and admiration of his peers for his commitment to justice, intellectual curiosity, fairness and keen legal mind.  His dedication to the Berks County community is loud and clear and evidenced by his service as an Assistant District Attorney and through high-level involvement on a number of non-profit organizations.  Justin Bodor is uniquely well suited to be a trial court judge in Berks County. 

     – Dan Nevins, Esquire

“I am pleased and honored to endorse Justin Bodor for Berks County Judge.  I have known Justin on both a personal and professional level for almost 20 years, and I know that he is highly qualified to serve on the bench.  Justin possesses all the attributes I consider mandatory for this position:  honesty, integrity, impartiality, comprehensive knowledge of the law, compassion, and a strong and unshakable belief in the judicial system.  Justin’s exemplary performance both in private practice and as a prosecutor make him eminently qualified to serve as a Judge.   Justin Bodor is the BEST choice for Berks County.”

     – Linda J. Olsen, Esquire

“Justin Bodor has been serving the Berks County community for almost 13 years as an assistant district attorney.  I have no doubt he will take the same professionalism, work ethic, compassion and knowledge to the bench of the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, and continue in his dedicated service to our community.”

     – Nicole Plank, Esquire

  “Justin Bodor will make an excellent Judge. He has an unblemished reputation personally and professionally. He has a passion and genuine commitment to his family, to our community, to our country, and to the criminal justice system he proudly serves. He is well respected among his peers within the legal community, and he is a friend to those of us who have served in law enforcement. Justin is honest, fair, and fully qualified to serve the people of Berks County as judge. I offer my highest recommendation for Justin in his candidacy for the judiciary in the upcoming election.”

     – Randy Doaty, realtor and former Chief of Police, Douglass (Berks) Township

“I have known Justin for many years. As a matter of fact, we meet the evening of his wedding rehearsal dinner at Wyomissing Restaurant, which I owned at the time. Knowing his wife Jessica through collaboration with BCPS for 2nd chance employers, I knew that her husband Justin had to be a straight forward man. Which he is, in all ways. Not only as an ADA but as a family man where he resides in Oley, PA with his wife Jessica, daughter Charlotte and son Gavin.  I have been asking Justin for 10 years now to run for judge, his response has always been, “when the time is right”. Well now is the right time. Without any doubts or 2nd thoughts, Justin Bodor would be the right person to be the next Berks County Judge of the common pleas court.”

     – Elsayed Elmarzouky, business owner and community volunteer

“I met Justin Bodor as a very young attorney while working for Brennan & Associates..  He struck me as a very caring, consciences young man with very high personal standards.  Through his years with the DA’s office, he continued to hold onto his standards.  This is why I believe that Justin Bodor will be a fair but firm judge for Berks County.”

     – Ruth Galanos, Brennan & Folino

“Hardworking. Intelligent. Levelheaded. Trustworthy. Common sense.  Fair-minded. Caring. This is Justin Bodor.”

     – Greg & Kathy Galtere, former BASD educators and community volunteers           

“I cannot think of a more appropriate candidate for Berks County Judge than Justin Bodor.  Justin has always approached the law (and all other areas of his life) with integrity and respect.  Justin will always have my vote and support in his pursuit to represent the bench in Berks County.”

     -Tina Hanulec, Brennan & Folino

“Endorsing Assistant District Attorney Justin Bodor for Berks County Judge is an honor. His intelligence, integrity, and dedication to making judicial decisions will keep Berks County safe and find justice for victims while seeking measures that hold offenders accountable and steer them toward remediation and a productive future.”

      – Jane Stahl, former BASD educator, current Director of Community Relations for Studio B  (Boyertown, PA) 

“Justin has all the best qualities to be an excellent Judge for our community.  He is very hard working, smart, personable and he has a calming presence.  He has a deep respect for the law.  He will serve our community very well, just has he done through his actions in our District Attorney’s office in his career thus far.”

     – Sarah Haines Clipp, Esquire

“We are extremely proud to endorse Justin Bodor for Judge on the Berks County Court of Common Pleas.  Assistant District Attorney Bodor has a strong history of trial court experience.  Justin personally handled a case for one of our municipal clients where he successfully prosecuted the matter which resulted in the municipality receiving over $100,000 in restitution.  Working alongside Justin during this litigation and other cases, Attorney Bodor has demonstrated his strong work ethic, his knowledge of the law and his ability to be fair.   We have seen the work Justin has done as an Assistant District Attorney and we are excited to see what he will do once elected as the next Judge on the Berks County Court of Common Pleas.”

     – Elizabeth Magovern, Esquire and Christopher Hartman Esquire

“Justin lives a life of integrity, honor and selfless service. I support him and will always support him as he
guides our community in the proper direction with dignity and respect.”

     – Colin Waskiewicz, the W Group Financial Services.